Vocation Letters

Following is a series of letters concerning the discernment and formation of a fictional young woman, Melanie, as she discerns her vocation to be a cloistered Dominican nun. How fictional is fictional? Events may not have a one-on-one correspondance with events at the monastery, as we wish to keep our day-to-day life veiled behind the enclosure, but these letters do accurately depict Dominican monastic life as it is typically lived here at Marbury. For example, does Sister report that the nuns planted corn? This doesn’t mean that we planted corn that day; but it does mean that we do garden, and sometimes do grow corn, although perhaps this year we decided to plant zucchini and did so last month!

On this page the Vocation Letters are presented beginning with the first (oldest) letter. To read them beginning with the most recent letter, see the Vocations Letters category.

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