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Sister Mary Rose’s First Profession

The Dominican Nuns joyfully announce the First Profession of Sister Mary Rose of the Pure Heart, O.P., which took place on January 13.

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Fr. James Brent, O.P., celebrated the Mass of First Profession.  In his homily, commenting on the Gospel reading of the Annunciation, Father spoke of how God chose, called, and accomplished His work in the Blessed Virgin Mary so that she could respond to His Word.  In a similar though lesser way, God chose, called, and accomplishes His work in Sister Mary Rose and each Sister called to the cloistered contemplative life, so that they too may respond to God with their “Fiat” and may contemplate the Word breathing love.

Sister Mary Rose entered the monastery in 2015 and spent one year as a postulant and two years as a novice before this important step in her journey to total consecration to God.  By making First Profession, Sister promised obedience to God and her superiors in the Dominican monastic life for a period of three years.  This is meant to strengthen her vocation and root her more solidly in her calling as a Dominican nun in preparation for lifelong Solemn Profession.

Sister’s  family was able to come from California and Wyoming join us for the ceremony; her two brothers, one in seminary for the diocese of Monterey, served the Mass.  Please keep Sister Mary Rose in your prayers as she continues to grow in her contemplative Dominican vocation.

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