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Novena for the Nativity of Our Lady

Birthdays are always special. And Our Lady’s Birthday is extra special, for it presages the coming of the Messiah. Tomorrow, August 30, we begin a novena to the Infant Mary to thank God for all the gifts and privileges with which He endowed her.

Image of Novena for Our Lady's Birthday
Click to open NEW two-page PDF of holy card. Print front and back on one sheet of paper; fold in thirds; cut in half to make two novena cards.

Have you considered . . .

as we approach Our Lady’s Birthday, could she be inviting you to give yourself to her as a Dominican Nun of the Perpetual Rosary?  Learn more about our devotion to Mary as her Guards of Honor; visit our Vocations Page; and contact our Vocations Directress.

If our Blessed Mother is not calling you to our way of life, perhaps she is inviting you to renew your love for her and Jesus in a special way through this novena.  May God bless and Our Lady keep you!  Please keep those young women whom God is calling to this life in your prayers.