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Vocation Letters: A Postulant’s Rosary

Our fictional postulant Sister Melanie writes home to her family in this continuation of our Vocation Letter series.

Vocation Letters cartoon of a postulant kneeling to receive her rosary and crucifix from the Mother Prioress

Ave + Maria

Dear Mom, Dad, Josh, Zach, and Tessa,

Happy feast of the Holy Name of Mary!  How are you all?  I hope your new school year got off to a good start.  Sister Mary Magistra said I could write home today, and send you this picture from when I entered the monastery last month.  You can see Mother handing me the crucifix and side rosary as part of the official ceremony of beginning the postulancy.  The crucifix I wear on a cord around my neck; the large, black rosary swings from my belt, on the left side just as the nuns wear their brown rosary.  (Where the knights would have worn their sword!)

I have become very familiar with this Rosary over the past weeks, since as a postulant I kiss it for various monastic ceremonies when the other Sisters kiss their scapular.  Both the scapular and the rosary are blessed objects, and represent devotion to Our Lady, so that makes sense.  We also pray the Ave Maria (Hail Mary) frequently to bless various activities and keep recollected throughout the day, and each time reach down to pray on a bead.  What a beautiful sense it gives me of the whole day strung together, bead after bead, for Jesus and Mary.

I am so glad that you all were able to drive me down to the monastery.  Thank you so much for your letters, and tell everyone who sent a note how much I appreciate their prayers for me.  You are all in my prayers.  I hope to write you more next month!

Love and prayers in Our Lady,

Sister Melanie

P.S. I get “Sister” before my name now since I am a postulant.

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