Vocation Letters

Vocation Letters: Life as a Novice

After a hiatus of two years, we continue following the story of our fictional novice, Sister Mary Rosaria, taking up her life where we left her after her Vestition.  For the history of this series, see our Vocation Letters page.

Ave + Maria

Dear Mom,

Joyful greetings as we close this month of the Holy Rosary!  I have been meaning to write you about my life as a novice, as I know you have been wondering how things have changed for me in the months following my Vestition (reception of the habit).

I have found it to be a beautiful experience of entering more deeply into this vocation as a Dominican novice—even literally, as I “enter into” the habit each morning as I dress myself in this sign of dedication to Christ and of belonging to this Dominican community.  Of course, it takes some time to get used to wearing a flowing white garment every day, and to handle the white Dominican scapular that hangs down in front and back, a sign of Our Lady’s loving care all around us.  Looking so much more like a nun, and responding to my new name each day, reminds me continually to strive to correspond to God’s call by giving myself more fully to Jesus and Mary for the salvation of souls.

As a novice, I am assigned new roles in our singing of the Divine Office, which is lovely, and I have a greater responsibility to give a good example to the Sisters younger than I.  Most daily activities, though, remain the same: my daily Hour of Guard praying the Rosary, our novitiate classes, helping cook on the days the novitiate helps in the kitchen, enjoying recreation with the novitiate or with Mother and all the Sisters, being ready for whatever big or little project Sister Mary Magistra has planned for our work period or to do at recreation!  It is mainly my perspective which continues to grow as I enter more deeply into the life of a Dominican nun.

I keep you all in my prayers—pray for me and give my love to everyone at home!

With love in Our Lady,

Sister Mary Rosaria

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