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Sounds of the Ascension at Marbury

This year as we practiced the chants for the feast of the Ascension, a friend urged us to share the beauty of the chant.  Although we sing more than one of the chants for the Ascension, we only present one here: Viri Galilaei, the Offertorium (offertory chant) from the Dominican Graduale for the feast of the Ascension.  Other chants for the Ascension are the Officium (called the Introit in the Roman Rite) at the beginning of Mass, two Alleluias with accompanying verses, and the Communion antiphon.

This is just a sample of what Mass sounds like here at Marbury, and of the kind of music the girls will hear on our Vocation Retreat in just a few weeks.  Please continue to keep them in your prayers!