Vocation News

Solemn Profession of Sister Mary Jordan of the Holy Family, O.P.

Photo of Solemn ProfessionOn August 18, the feast of Blessed Mannes, brother of our Holy Father St. Dominic, Sister Mary Jordan of the Holy Family, O.P., made her Solemn Profession in the hands of the prioress, Mother Mary Joseph, O.P.

We rejoice with our Sister who is now consecrated totally to God in the Order until death.  In the words of our Constitutions: “The vow of obedience is preeminent among the evangelical counsels, because by virtue of this vow, a person consecrates herself wholly to God; its acts approach more closely the goal of our profession, which is perfect love. By this vow, the nuns in their own way cooperate in the work of redemption, following the example of the Handmaid of the Lord who ‘through her obedience became a cause of salvation both to herself and to the whole human race.'”

Archbishop Rodi of our Archdiocese of Mobile celebrated the Profession Mass, joined by Archbishop Emeritus Lipscomb and many priest friends of the community.  Fr. Walter Wagner, O.P. gave a beautiful homily on the contemplative life, available here.  Fr. Benedict Croell, O.P. has some photos up on his St. Joseph Province Vocation Blog.