Rosary Resources

Here are some recources to start; more will be coming soon!

Pilgrim Rosary Celebration and Recordings

Happy feast of All Saints! In celebration, here are the recordings from our Pilgrim Rosary celebration held last week on the vigil and feast of St. Jude. In his conferences, ...
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800th Jubilee – Dominican Rosary Meditations and Plenary Indulgence

Over 800 years ago our Holy Father St. Dominic began his life work, gathering men around him to preach God's Truth for the salvation of souls after the example of ...
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Eucharistic Rosary

For October, the month dedicated to the Holy Rosary, we would like to share a method of praying a "Eucharistic Rosary," taken from an old Blue Army book. (The Blue Army, ...
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The Rosary and Spiritual Motherhood – or is that Spiritual Warfare?

Happy feast of Our Lady of the Rosary!  This reflection is in her honor. The Rosary and Spiritual Motherhood—what a beautiful thought!  By praying the Rosary, we enter into the ...
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Rosary Meditation Booklets

In honor of the 800th Jubilee in 2016/2017, the Order published a beautiful set of Rosary Meditations from the writings of Dominican Saints in honor of the Jubilee.  We have arranged these in a booklet with sacred art by Dominican artists–Preachers both with words and with images.

Click on the image to the left for the PDF file of the booklet.  It is easy to print out with the “booklet” setting if you have double-sided printing; it should work with single-sided printing too if you print “front side only” then reload pages for the back side.