New Year 2015 – The First Glance of Jesus

Happy and Blessed New Year 2015!

Image:  Nativity by Barocci: the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Infant Jesus gaze at each other, bathed in light.

On the manger straw the Divine Infant opened His eyes, and from those two divine suns radiated His first look of love on His Mother.  What was the first look of Jesus like, O Virgin Mary?  Out of the eyes of Jesus shone not only His Soul, but also the uncreated Light, the Word of God.  The Father engenders the Son with a single glance, infinite, eternal, and the Word, Light of light, is the living reflection of the eternal look of the Father.  In the bosom of God, the Father and the Son behold each other and there springs forth from them, like an infinite flame of love, the Holy Spirit.
— adapted from Archbishop Luis Martinez