Love for Jesus in the Eucharist

Yes, my Jesus, I wish to please You.  I consecrate my will and all my love entirely to You.  O Infinite Majesty of God, You have left Yourself in this Sacrament not only to be near us and with us, but especially to give Yourself to souls, souls that You love so much.  But, Lord, who will presume to approach You to eat Your flesh?  But who, on the other hand, can keep at a distance from You?  It is precisely that You might be able to enter into us and take possession of our hearts that You hide Yourself in the consecrated Host.  You long that we should receive You and are delighted to be united to our hearts.  Come then, my Jesus, come!  I desire to receive You within me, that You may be the God of my heart and of my will.  All that is in my I yield, my dear Redeemer, to Your love.  Satisfaction, pleasure, self-love–all I give to You.  O God of love, conquer me entirely and rule over me.  Destroy in me everything that is merely mine and does not belong to You.  Do not permit, O my Love, that my soul, which is filled with the majesty of God when it receives You in Holy Communion, should attach itself again to creatures.  I love You, my God, I love You, and I will love You only, and that always.

– from St. Alphonsus Ligouri’s Visits to the Blessed Sacrament